Riding for hope: How one woman turned loss into a lifelong mission

Shannon's story

Shannon Traphagen vividly remembers the day her husband Mike hopped on his bike and cycled 20 miles — just six weeks after having brain surgery. At his next radiation appointment, the entire staff at Roswell Park applauded his efforts and greeted him with high-fives. When Mike finished radiation and rang the bell marking his last treatment, his doctors and nurses rallied around him.

Though Mike succumbed to brain cancer after 14 months, Shannon will never forget the knowledge and compassion of the Roswell Park staff. They walked the couple through treatment options, let them know what to expect and brought in specialists when needed. To this day, Roswell Park continues to exceed Shannon’s expectations.  

“The staff and community at Roswell Park continue to rally around me as I grieve the loss of my husband. They hold me close and support me on my new journey. There is immense value and strength in that kind of support,” Shannon says.

A trail ride in Mike's honor

Shannon's bike ride luncheon
Shannon's bike ride

Last year, Shannon started the Traphagen’s Trail Ride 4 Brain Cancer in the Village of Hamburg to honor her husband’s legacy. The inaugural event offered a 5.5-mile and 10-mile bike route to riders and benefitted brain cancer research and treatment at Roswell Park. The event raised almost $11,000 in just six weeks.

Shannon relied on the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, sponsors, vendors and her staff to put the event together and hit her fundraising goal. The Alliance Foundation, through the Team Roswell program, helped her plan and create promotional materials while media coverage from WIVB Channel 4 helped her spread the word to recruit riders and encourage donations. 

Her advice to anyone looking to fundraise is this: Start early, plan in advance and be strategic.

“Create a Facebook events page, use LinkedIn and Instagram, make a personal video message letting people know why you are holding your event. These things will give you the best chance at hosting a great event!” she says.

Finding the light

Shannon's bike ride participants laughing

Shannon doesn’t plan to stop after the inaugural ride. After serving as a caregiver and experiencing such a difficult loss, she wants to help others who are walking a similar path. That involves raising funds and awareness for brain cancer to give others a better chance at beating the odds. It all comes down to inspiring hope.

“Hope is a powerful thing. Don’t ever lose it — even in your darkest days — because you never know where the light will come from and how it will shine down on you,” she says.

Learn more about how to start your own fundraising event

What We Can Learn from Shooting For A Cure!

Imagine This

Picture a packed gym decorated with balloons and streamers — all pink. At center court, the Pembroke girls’ basketball team dons pink jerseys with a pink basketball in one player’s hand. The crowd is silent as a player shares the story of a loved one over the loudspeaker. When she’s done, she places a pink rose into a vase alongside other pink and white flowers, representing survivors and those lost to breast cancer.

At the end of the night, it’s not about who wins the game; it’s about an entire community coming together for a cause. And it’s been that way for eleven years.

“Our mission started off as a kind gesture in support of a community member as she battled breast cancer,” says Mike Wilson, a special education teacher and event organizer. “It was a pure act, done out of love. Eleven seasons later, we never could have imagined what this game would become.”  

Shooting For A Cure! started in 2011 after coach Ron Funke discovered his wife had been diagnosed with cancer. The girls’ basketball team wanted to show their support by hosting a game in her honor as she underwent treatment. Shooting For A Cure! has since raised more than $225,000 for breast cancer research and care at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.                                                              

“Our team, our school and our entire community is working toward finding a cure for cancer. We value service, and we will continue to do all we can in support of those in need,” Mike says.

The Secrets to Success: Sweat and Passion

The Secrets to Success: Sweat and Passion

When we asked Mike what it took to bring an event like Shooting For A Cure to life, his answer was simple: hard work. The planning process begins long before event day, and everyone (players, families and teachers) works together to promote the game. That includes collaborating with local media outlets, posting on social media and seeking donations from local area businesses.

Above all of that, though, Mike says that you can use passion to fuel your momentum. Lead with your heart, and people will respond.  

“If you have a passion to support those in need, let that guide your event. There are more compassionate and benevolent people in our community than you can imagine who will jump on board and support you.”

Mike also says that the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation really helps support his team through the planning process by providing tools and connections that make the event a success.

Bring It All Together

Bringing It All Together

There’s a lot to be learned from the success of Shooting For A Cure!, especially if you’re thinking about hosting your own Team Roswell event for the first time. Here are four tips you can take from Shooting For A Cure! when planning your fun.

1. Start early

Events can be time-consuming to plan, so give yourself plenty of time to get everything off the ground.

2. Make it a community affair

Planning is more fun with a team. Make sure to loop people in and ask for help from local businesses.

3. Use the resources available to you

Whether you need inspiration, guidance or planning tools, there is plenty of support available to you. Ask family, friends or the staff at the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation.

4. Get social

Use social media to promote your event, ask for donations and gather inspiration from other accounts. Follow Shooting For A Cure! on Twitter at @PemGBB_PinkGame to get started.

5. Lead with passion

If you have a serious passion for helping others, let that be your guide. People respond well to authenticity and are more likely to help if they know you’re excited about your event.

With these tips on your side, your event is sure to be a hit.

Questions? Reach out to Mary at Team Roswell at 716-845-4977 or teamroswell@roswellpark.org .

Livestream Fundraising 101

In 2016, BuzzFeed took to Facebook Live to answer one simple question: How many rubber bands does it take to break a watermelon in half? The question inspired nearly 800,000 people to tune into BuzzFeed’s livestream, and the results were explosive — literally. Viewers hung on the edge of their seats as rubber bands were secured to a bulging watermelon that eventually exploded. The video went on to garner more than 5 million views.

That’s the power of livestreaming.

What is it

Livestreaming is simple. You broadcast a live video over the internet to active viewers. Think of it as live TV you create. Some platforms also let you save the broadcast to share with your social media followers afterward.

What platform do I use?

There are tons of platforms to choose from, but Twitch is one of the most popular by far. With 30 million daily visitors and more than 7 million streamers active each month (according to Twitch), this platform always draws a large audience.

Here are some other options:

  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Tik Tok Live
  • Vimeo
  • Periscope
  • StreamYard

How do I use it to fundraise?

Fundraising through livestream can be as simple as sharing a link to your fundraising page on your live feed. Choose your topic and dedicate whatever you’re doing to raise money as part of Team Roswell. Let people know why you’re raising money and ask them to donate to end cancer once and for all.

What topic do I choose?

When it comes to livestream fundraising, almost anything goes. If you’re into gaming, then game to end cancer. If you enjoy cooking, teach a cooking class for a cause. And if these ideas don’t quite fit? Try something random, like exploding a watermelon or doing a make-up tutorial. Just remember to ask for donations as you go!

Six Tips for Facebook Fundraising

Now that you’ve officially joined Team Roswell, you may be wondering how to fundraise. Facebook is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach people, share your story and ask for donations. Through the platform, you can choose to do an integrated or organic fundraiser. If you don’t know the difference, check out Facebook Fundraising 101.

Regardless of the fundraiser you choose, here are six tips to make your efforts on Facebook even more impactful.

1. Personalize it.

Be sure to include your story when you share your fundraising link with your followers. Tell your followers your reason for wanting to end cancer. Write from your heart — people respond to authenticity.

2. Get creative

Pay attention to the overall look and feel of your post. You can get creative (and boost engagement) by adding pictures, using emojis or including memes.

3. Ask friends to share your fundraiser.

Identify trusted friends or family members and ask them to share your fundraiser on their Facebook pages or other social media platforms. This increases your audience and may land you donations you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

4. Go live.

Live steaming is one of the fast-growing ways to communicate online, and you can do it right on your Facebook platform. Start a Facebook Live session to talk about your fundraiser and engage more directly with your followers

5. Consider using an incentive.

People are motivated by incentives. Consider incentivizing donations by offering to do something entertaining when you hit a certain fundraising goal. For example, try doing 20 pushups for every $20 you raise and then livestream your pushup session!

6. Show gratitude.

One of the most important things you can do when someone donates to your fundraiser is to thank them. Make sure you send a digital thank you card or drop a friendly note in Messenger. If someone posts on your fundraiser, respond. Sharing gratitude shows people you appreciate their support.

That’s it! Follow these easy tips and your Facebook fundraiser is sure to be a success.

For more fundraising tips, check out A-Z Fundraising Ideas.

A-Z Fundraising

Looking to host a community fundraiser for Team Roswell to raise funds for cancer patients at Roswell Park but don’t know where to start? Check out these A-Z ideas for inspiration.

1. Athletic Challenge

Whether you’re into running the diamond, hitting the ice or lacing up your running sneakers, there’s always an opportunity to challenge yourself. Plan an athletic event, such as a tournament or race, and raise money while seeing how far you can go.

2. Bootcamp and Bubbles

Sweat and chardonnay, anyone? Team up with your favorite studio and host a fitness fundraiser. Offer participants a glass of bubbly after completing their workout.

3. Cannoli for Cancer

Sweat and chardonnay, anyone? Team up with your favorite studio and host a fitness fundraiser. Offer participants a glass of bubbly after completing their workout.

4. Dinner Sponsors

Reach out to your favorite local restaurant to sponsor dinner for a night. Ask for a percentage of proceeds to be donated to your fundraiser.

5. Entertain

Host an event at your home or produce a mini concert or talent show. Sharing your gifts and creating a space for hospitality is a great way to gather your community for a great cause.

6. Fill the Bottle

Encourage people to “fill the wine bottle” by donating up to a specific dollar amount ($500, for example). Every donation gets entered into a drawing to win a gift card or bottle of wine.

7. Get the Word Out

Wear your Roswell swag proudly. Sharing on social media is a great tool, but nothing beats word of mouth. Speak to your community about why you think it is important to raise funds to end cancer. You would be surprised at the number of people who join the fight with you.

8. Jam It Out!

Wear your Roswell swag proudly. Sharing on social media is a great tool, but nothing beats word of mouth. Speak to your community about why you think it is important to raise funds to end cancer. You would be surprised at the number of people who join the fight with you.

9. Match Your Donations

Double your impact by asking your employer or local business to match your fundraiser dollar for dollar.

10. Neighborhood Walk

Unite your neighborhood and walk for a purpose. Houses can set up water stops; kids can chalk a start and finish line. There’s no end to the creativity.

11. Open House

Open your home and sell some of the items you are no longer using. It’s a win-win. You’re cleaning your house and helping patients at Roswell.

12. Pancake Breakfast

Pancakes are delicious and easy! Host a pancake breakfast at your church hall or community center. Add an additional charge for a brunch-time mimosa to boost your fundraising goal.

13. Quilt

Raffle off a handmade, one-of-a-kind quilt. Buffalo can get chilly, and quilts liven up any cozy space.

14. Race a Friend

We know you have heard of gym buddies, but have you heard of a fundraising buddy? Pick a friend and race to your fundraising goal. A little friendly competition is great, especially when the finish line goes toward a great cause.

15. Sip and Shop

Want to shop for a cause? Connect with a local boutique to host a private shopping event. Guests can purchase tickets for entry and enjoy a private shopping experience with ticket proceeds benefitting Team Roswell. Maybe you can even encourage the boutique to donate a portion of the shopping proceeds to the fundraiser!

16. Slow Roll

Want to shop for a cause? Connect with a local boutique to host a private shopping event. Guests can purchase tickets for entry and enjoy a private shopping experience with ticket proceeds benefitting Team Roswell. Maybe you can even encourage the boutique to donate a portion of the shopping proceeds to the fundraiser!

17. Teacher Dare

Double dog dare you to make a bet with a teacher. Set a fundraising goal and dare your teacher to cut their hair or shave their beard if you hit it!

18. Ugly Sweater Party

Throw a party and encourage everyone to don their ugly sweaters! Ask that everyone who wears a sweater donate to Team Roswell and spread the word about the cause over hot cocoa.

19. Wigs!

Get your friends and family together and raise funds to donate to the Roswell Park Wig and Hat Boutique!  Learn more here.

20. Zip Line

Zip lining is the perfect activity for any adventure seeker. If this thrill ride is at the top of your to-do list, why not do it while raising money to end cancer?

These are just a few of the hundreds of unique fundraising events you can host to support cancer patients at Roswell Park. Every event makes an impact.

Have you tried something different that you love and want to share?

Team Roswell At Home Challenge

We know this isn’t how you imagined your year going — we didn’t, either! But despite the uncertainty of the world right now, we know we will get through this because we are in it together. Just because you are physically distancing doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference.

That’s why we challenge YOU to push your limits, accomplish your goals and raise crucial funds for cancer research and patient-care programs at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. This will pass, but our patients still need you and your support – now more than ever before.

How It Works:

  1. Pick your challenge and set your goals
  2. Click here to create your challenge fundraising page 
  3. Collect pledges and donations toward your goal
  4. Set a date to complete your challenge by
  5. Feel good about all you’ve accomplished – you did something to make a difference!

Challenge Ideas

What is your challenge? Well, that’s completely up to you! Our Team Roswell community is innovative, dedicated and creative, so we encourage you to turn your passions and hobbies into a fundraiser to support cancer patients. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas so you can make a difference at home:

  • Step Up Your Step Game – Set a goal for yourself to take 10,000 steps every day while physically distancing. And challenge your donors to make a $1 donation for every mile you walk. Whether you’re walking outside or on the treadmill, rack up those miles.
  • The 100 ChallengeChallenge yourself to do 100 push ups in a day, hold a 100 second plank every day or run 100 miles from start to finish. We believe in you! Push yourself and challenge your donors.
  • Live Stream Your Passions Are you an avid gamer? Create a fundraising page and share it with your followers every time you stream on Twitch. Add fun twists to your efforts – for every $10 donation you’ll do a Fortnite dance!
  • Show Off Your Skills – Create custom art for a cause and make a piece for your art-loving friend for a donation to your efforts. Spending quarantine learning new recipes? Host a virtual cooking class and ask your family and friends for a donation before tuning in.
  • Enjoy The Outdoors – Were you registered for an upcoming half-marathon that was postponed? Or maybe you are looking to enjoy the outdoors while physically distancing. Set a goal, get outside and do it! Whatever your “it” is. 


Meet some of our Team Roswell Champions who challenge themselves to make a difference in lives of cancer patients. Read their stories on our blog.

Share on Social Media

When you take on your challenge, don’t forget to post updates and share your progress. Tag Team Roswell so we can cheer you on, too!



Create A Facebook Fundraiser

Do you have an upcoming birthday? This year, your celebration might feel a little different. Make an impact from home on your birthday by setting up your own Facebook Fundraiser to support the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation. 

Cancer won’t stop – and neither will we. Join us by setting up a Facebook Fundraiser to honor a loved one impacted by cancer. Your efforts will support cancer patients at Roswell Park, who need our help more now than ever before. 

Create A Facebook Fundraiser

The COVID-19 Response Fund

We are living in a global event most of us could not have imagined even a few weeks ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented changes in all our lives, with profound upheavals in family, social, financial and work situations.

And not only is this pandemic affecting our most vulnerable including cancer patients – it has also changed the lives of those that care for them, our health care workers.

Hospitals are rapidly shifting to adapt to the evolving demands of caring for COVID-19 patients, and Roswell Park is no exception.

When you join Team Roswell, during your online page registration you can designate your fundraising toward the Roswell Park COVID-19 Response Fund, which will be used immediately to help our patients and staff in four vital areas.


Roswell Park researchers continue to work in close collaboration with cancer centers around the nation. Our researchers are already preparing projects to develop everything from assessment tools to treatments of patients impacted by a global pandemic like COVID-19. Research donations to Roswell’s COVID-19 Response fund will be earmarked for new research studies.


There are times when patients and their families experience extraordinary financial challenges when diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. The impact of COVID-19 makes that financial strain even more debilitating. The Angel Fund provides critical financial support for those we serve who find themselves in sudden and desperate financial circumstances during this pandemic.


While there is a self-isolation and work from home mandate from New York State, there are essential clinical staff and patients who have to come to Roswell Park. These individuals do not have a choice during this pandemic but here are several ways this fund seeks to support these individuals during this pandemic. Support of the COVID-19 Response Fund will help purchase:

  • iPads for patient communication with loved ones while visitors are limited during the pandemic.
  • Meals for frontline caregivers to provide dinner to their family after a long shift.
  • Massage chairs in the staff wellness rooms.
  • Health monitoring supplies to patients to utilize during telemedicine appointments.


N95 masks are an invaluable line of defense for our staff against coronavirus. Support of the COVID-19 Response Fund will help Roswell Park purchase approved masks to quickly get them into the hands of our front line staff to keep them and our patients safe.

While we don’t know how long this current environment will last, we do know there is an immediate need for help. Your support of Roswell Park’s COVID-19 Response Fund during  this new fight, right here at home, will be put to work immediately.

Set Up A Fundraising Page

Donate to the COVID-19 Response Fund

Live Streaming For Good – Meet Twitchypeel

One of the fastest growing fundraising trends is live streaming. You’re probably wondering – what does that mean? Live streaming is the broadcasting of live video over the internet to an audience actively tuning in. Now, add a link to your fundraising page, ask for donations when you go live and voila – now it’s live stream fundraising!

You can turn your passions and hobbies into a fundraiser for cancer cures, whether that is live streaming a cooking class, doing 500 push-ups or playing video games. We truly mean it when we say you can turn anything into a live streaming fundraiser – it just takes a little bit of creativity and passion.

Just ask Josh Piesczynski of Cheektowaga, NY, who has always loved playing video games. He has also had several family members who have been affected by cancer. When he realized that he could combine his love for playing video games and his passion for helping others, Josh created Twitchypeel.

Twitchypeel is Josh’s Twitch persona where he live streams while playing Fortnite and collects donations to support cancer research at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“I figured why not turn a hobby into something to help others!”

It’s pretty simple – whenever Josh live streams on Twitch, he makes sure to paste his fundraising link into his stream. Then, his audience is able to not only watch and listen to him play, but also make donations to support his efforts. Josh says that he is extremely grateful to be able to fight cancer by doing something that he loves, and is excited for what is next.

For anyone who is considering a live stream fundraiser but might be a little nervous, Josh encourages you to go for it!

“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the happiness that fundraising for a cause you care about can bring to others and yourself.”

Josh has raised over $1,000 to date since he started his live streaming fundraiser in the summer of 2019. And he has no plans of stopping with his new goal of $2,500.

Meet Twitchypeel

You can find Josh on:  

Lena, Maeve and Noreen’s Lemonade Stand

Nothing goes better together than a hot summer day and a refreshing glass of lemonade. Our Team Roswell fundraising coordinators Tim Fitzgerald and his daughters Lena, Maeve and Noreen know that!

We caught up with the Fitzgerald family about the inspiration behind their lemonade stand and how they added a virtual component to boost their fundraising. Here is what they had to say.

What is your connection to Roswell Park?

Roswell Park has been a part of our family’s lives in some way for the past twenty years.  We have had aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends all receive treatment for various types of cancers.  Most closely to our family, both our mother and father had been diagnosed with breast cancer and prostate cancer.  The experiences were vastly different from one another.  In mom’s case, her treatments led to her successfully beating cancer and over the course of the last twenty years through working with Roswell, she has remained cancer free.  Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer about five years ago, and we quickly learned it was aggressive.  In the eyes of the doctors and professionals working with him, the case was particularly unusual and challenging.  Despite that, the team working with dad continued to develop a treatment plan to keep the cancer at bay.  Towards the end of dad’s journey, he had some major complications but in September of 2018 he was declared cancer free.

In the following month, however, because of the aggressive nature of the cancer and the impact of those complications, dad left us before we were ready to let him go.  No one ever chooses cancer.  Going through the process is extremely difficult.  Even though there is always some level of anxiety when walking through the doors of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, every single person we interact with treats us with compassion.  Doctors, nurses, volunteers, and all other members of the community make the process more comforting.  Our family has always been appreciative and grateful for all of the amazing things that happen at Roswell Park.

What inspired you to start this event?

We were inspired to host a lemonade stand for a couple of reasons.  During the long summer days, we needed something to keep us busy and have fun planning!  We decided it might be fun to raise some money for a cause.  The girls are the ones who chose Roswell Park.  They knew that the hospital played an important role in helping not just their grandpa, but also so many other people.  It was a perfect fit for our family because we know how supportive the hospital is not just for those going through treatments, but also their families.

Describe your event and the planning process.

Planning our lemonade stand and incorporating Team Roswell could not have been easier.  Once we decided to host our lemonade stand, we went to the Team Roswell website and set up a fundraising page.  Within 24 hours, a member of Team Roswell personally contacted us, offering support and assistance for our event.  They even sent a great pack of swag to inspire us and help decorate our lemonade stand.  Once we chose the date to host our stand, we used social media to advertise.  We connected our online fundraising page to Facebook through our Team Roswell page to advertise and collect donations. A majority of our donations were made by people buying “virtual lemonade” and it was the reason our event was such a huge success

What does it mean to you to be a champion for cancer cures?

“It’s nice to help your own family but it’s also nice to help others.”

“It feels good knowing that you can play a part in helping raise money for cancer research.”

What would you say to someone who is considering starting their own fundraiser but is a little nervous?

“It is ok to feel nervous but once you realize that you are helping Roswell Park, it makes everything easier.  You can pick anything you enjoy doing and turn it into a fundraiser.  It’s also great to get help from your friends to help you feel more confident when getting started.” – Lena and Maeve

Taking the initiative to raise money for a cause can seem like a daunting task.  The structure that Team Roswell has in place makes it incredibly easy to be successful.  The online fundraising platform is very convenient and is a huge reason for our success.

Do you have any fundraising tips and tricks to add?

  • Choose something you enjoy and turn it into an opportunity to fundraise.
  • Advertise! Let people know about your event.  This is why the Team Roswell Fundraising Page is so great.  It’s easy to post reminders on your donation page.
  • Encourage friends and family to “Like” and “Share” your event.  We had many donations from people we did not know because our friends posted our link on their own social media feeds.
  • Take advantage of the help and guidance offered by the great people at Team Roswell.  We received t-shirts, stickers, banners, balloons and other items that helped make our event such a success.

Anything else to add?

We are so grateful for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Everyone knows someone who has experienced cancer.  The impact cancer has not only on the patient, but also his or her family, is significant.  If you choose to be a member of Team Roswell, know that the money you raise, regardless of the amount, has the chance to make someone’s journey with cancer just a little bit better.

At the end of Summer 2019, Lena, Maeve and Noreen presented their check to Team Roswell, and raised an impressive $1,200! Their 2020 lemonade stand is already in the works.

Facebook Fundraising 101 – Integrated vs. Organic Facebook Fundraising

There are several ways to get involved and support Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Whether you’re riding your bike across Buffalo or the entire state, shaving your head or creating your own fundraiser, every dollar raised takes us one step closer to ending cancer.

Another way to support Roswell Park is by setting up a Facebook fundraiser donation page to support the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation or the Courage of Carly Fund at Roswell Park.

But you’re probably wondering, what is the difference between creating a Facebook fundraiser directly through Facebook and integrating your personal fundraising page to your Facebook. There’s actually a pretty big difference in the transactions and processes, depending on the steps you take to fundraise on Facebook.

What is an integrated Facebook fundraiser?

An integrated Facebook fundraiser means that someone who is registered for a Roswell Park Alliance Foundation event or program (Team Roswell, Bald for Bucks, Empire State Ride or Ride for Roswell) has connected their fundraising dashboard to their personal Facebook page.

In just a few clicks from the fundraising dashboard, participants can create an integrated Facebook fundraising page where they can post updates, invite friends, build momentum and reach their goal faster. Facebook friends will be notified of the fundraiser and will be able to read the participant’s story, watch their progress and donate — all without ever leaving Facebook. The participant’s personal progress will update in real time and be reflected on their fundraising dashboard.

A key difference between integrated and organic Facebook fundraisers is the payment processor. When a donation is made to an integrated Facebook fundraiser, that donation is made directly to the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation. That is what will appear on a donor’s transaction statement.

If a mistake was made during the donation process or a donor has a question about their donation, they can contact the Alliance Foundation directly at 716-845-8788 or at giving@roswellpark.org.

What is an organic Facebook fundraiser?

An organic Facebook fundraiser is a fundraising page that was created inside of Facebook, and it is not connected to an event participant’s fundraising dashboard. Several supporters create organic Facebook fundraisers for their birthday, to honor a loved one or to collect donations without being registered for an event.

Any donations made to an organic Facebook fundraiser are processed by Facebook. If a donor makes a mistake or has an issue with the donation, they must contact Facebook directly and not the Alliance Foundation. Donors can do so by following this link and completing the form.

The Roswell Park Alliance Foundation receives the funds from organic Facebook fundraisers every 2-3 weeks in the form of a check sent directly from Facebook. The donations in each check are from the transactions that occurred 4-6 weeks prior. For example, when the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation receives a donation check from Facebook on the 4th of the current month, the donations included are from the 1st-15th of the previous month.

What should I do if I created an organic Facebook fundraiser but want the fundraising dollars to be put onto my Roswell Park Alliance Foundation event fundraising page?

No problem! Just give us a call at 716-845-8788 or shoot us an email to giving@roswellpark.org.

As mentioned above, the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation receives checks from Facebook every 4-6 weeks. These checks are bi-weekly payouts for the month prior. For example, if you received a donation on January 10 that needs to be uploaded to your fundraising page, the Alliance Foundation should receive that donation and upload it to your page by the end of February.

If you realize that you created an organic Facebook fundraiser and there is still plenty of time before your event date, please contact us. We will assist you in deleting your organic Facebook fundraiser and take you through the steps to create an integrated Facebook fundraiser.

When you call us, please let us know your Facebook first and last name, donor names, donation dates and donation total. We will ask you to provide this specific information for tracking purposes. Additionally, please let us know if any donations were made through a Facebook donate button.

It is important that you notify the Alliance Foundation if you made this mistake. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know about the organic Facebook fundraiser unless we are notified. Otherwise, we will assume that your organic Facebook fundraiser was meant to be set up that way.

Please note that any donations made on an organic Facebook fundraising page will be uploaded to a participant’s fundraising page as a lump sum.

Why does it matter if I create an integrated Facebook fundraiser versus an organic Facebook fundraiser, and vice-versa?

It depends on what your fundraising goals are for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation. The Ride for Roswell, Bald for Bucks and Empire State Ride each have fundraising minimums and/or reward structures. It is important for the Alliance Foundation to know what rewards you earned from your fundraising and if you have reached the designated fundraising minimums. Additionally, by notifying the Alliance Foundation ahead of your event, we will be able to upload your organic Facebook fundraiser donations to your event fundraising dashboard, once we receive the payout from Facebook.

Not registered for an event? Setting up an organic Facebook fundraiser for your birthday or to honor a loved one is a great way to fundraise for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation.

We can’t thank you enough for supporting Roswell Park!