Live Streaming For Good – Meet Twitchypeel

One of the fastest growing fundraising trends is live streaming. You’re probably wondering – what does that mean? Live streaming is the broadcasting of live video over the internet to an audience actively tuning in. Now, add a link to your fundraising page, ask for donations when you go live and voila – now it’s live stream fundraising!

You can turn your passions and hobbies into a fundraiser for cancer cures, whether that is live streaming a cooking class, doing 500 push-ups or playing video games. We truly mean it when we say you can turn anything into a live streaming fundraiser – it just takes a little bit of creativity and passion.

Just ask Josh Piesczynski of Cheektowaga, NY, who has always loved playing video games. He has also had several family members who have been affected by cancer. When he realized that he could combine his love for playing video games and his passion for helping others, Josh created Twitchypeel.

Twitchypeel is Josh’s Twitch persona where he live streams while playing Fortnite and collects donations to support cancer research at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“I figured why not turn a hobby into something to help others!”

It’s pretty simple – whenever Josh live streams on Twitch, he makes sure to paste his fundraising link into his stream. Then, his audience is able to not only watch and listen to him play, but also make donations to support his efforts. Josh says that he is extremely grateful to be able to fight cancer by doing something that he loves, and is excited for what is next.

For anyone who is considering a live stream fundraiser but might be a little nervous, Josh encourages you to go for it!

“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the happiness that fundraising for a cause you care about can bring to others and yourself.”

Josh has raised over $1,000 to date since he started his live streaming fundraiser in the summer of 2019. And he has no plans of stopping with his new goal of $2,500.

Meet Twitchypeel

You can find Josh on:  

Lena, Maeve and Noreen’s Lemonade Stand

Nothing goes better together than a hot summer day and a refreshing glass of lemonade. Our Team Roswell fundraising coordinators Tim Fitzgerald and his daughters Lena, Maeve and Noreen know that!

We caught up with the Fitzgerald family about the inspiration behind their lemonade stand and how they added a virtual component to boost their fundraising. Here is what they had to say.

What is your connection to Roswell Park?

Roswell Park has been a part of our family’s lives in some way for the past twenty years.  We have had aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends all receive treatment for various types of cancers.  Most closely to our family, both our mother and father had been diagnosed with breast cancer and prostate cancer.  The experiences were vastly different from one another.  In mom’s case, her treatments led to her successfully beating cancer and over the course of the last twenty years through working with Roswell, she has remained cancer free.  Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer about five years ago, and we quickly learned it was aggressive.  In the eyes of the doctors and professionals working with him, the case was particularly unusual and challenging.  Despite that, the team working with dad continued to develop a treatment plan to keep the cancer at bay.  Towards the end of dad’s journey, he had some major complications but in September of 2018 he was declared cancer free.

In the following month, however, because of the aggressive nature of the cancer and the impact of those complications, dad left us before we were ready to let him go.  No one ever chooses cancer.  Going through the process is extremely difficult.  Even though there is always some level of anxiety when walking through the doors of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, every single person we interact with treats us with compassion.  Doctors, nurses, volunteers, and all other members of the community make the process more comforting.  Our family has always been appreciative and grateful for all of the amazing things that happen at Roswell Park.

What inspired you to start this event?

We were inspired to host a lemonade stand for a couple of reasons.  During the long summer days, we needed something to keep us busy and have fun planning!  We decided it might be fun to raise some money for a cause.  The girls are the ones who chose Roswell Park.  They knew that the hospital played an important role in helping not just their grandpa, but also so many other people.  It was a perfect fit for our family because we know how supportive the hospital is not just for those going through treatments, but also their families.

Describe your event and the planning process.

Planning our lemonade stand and incorporating Team Roswell could not have been easier.  Once we decided to host our lemonade stand, we went to the Team Roswell website and set up a fundraising page.  Within 24 hours, a member of Team Roswell personally contacted us, offering support and assistance for our event.  They even sent a great pack of swag to inspire us and help decorate our lemonade stand.  Once we chose the date to host our stand, we used social media to advertise.  We connected our online fundraising page to Facebook through our Team Roswell page to advertise and collect donations. A majority of our donations were made by people buying “virtual lemonade” and it was the reason our event was such a huge success

What does it mean to you to be a champion for cancer cures?

“It’s nice to help your own family but it’s also nice to help others.”

“It feels good knowing that you can play a part in helping raise money for cancer research.”

What would you say to someone who is considering starting their own fundraiser but is a little nervous?

“It is ok to feel nervous but once you realize that you are helping Roswell Park, it makes everything easier.  You can pick anything you enjoy doing and turn it into a fundraiser.  It’s also great to get help from your friends to help you feel more confident when getting started.” – Lena and Maeve

Taking the initiative to raise money for a cause can seem like a daunting task.  The structure that Team Roswell has in place makes it incredibly easy to be successful.  The online fundraising platform is very convenient and is a huge reason for our success.

Do you have any fundraising tips and tricks to add?

  • Choose something you enjoy and turn it into an opportunity to fundraise.
  • Advertise! Let people know about your event.  This is why the Team Roswell Fundraising Page is so great.  It’s easy to post reminders on your donation page.
  • Encourage friends and family to “Like” and “Share” your event.  We had many donations from people we did not know because our friends posted our link on their own social media feeds.
  • Take advantage of the help and guidance offered by the great people at Team Roswell.  We received t-shirts, stickers, banners, balloons and other items that helped make our event such a success.

Anything else to add?

We are so grateful for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Everyone knows someone who has experienced cancer.  The impact cancer has not only on the patient, but also his or her family, is significant.  If you choose to be a member of Team Roswell, know that the money you raise, regardless of the amount, has the chance to make someone’s journey with cancer just a little bit better.

At the end of Summer 2019, Lena, Maeve and Noreen presented their check to Team Roswell, and raised an impressive $1,200! Their 2020 lemonade stand is already in the works.

Facebook Fundraising 101 – Integrated vs. Organic Facebook Fundraising

There are several ways to get involved and support Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Whether you’re riding your bike across Buffalo or the entire state, shaving your head or creating your own fundraiser, every dollar raised takes us one step closer to ending cancer.

Another way to support Roswell Park is by setting up a Facebook fundraiser donation page to support the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation or the Courage of Carly Fund at Roswell Park.

But you’re probably wondering, what is the difference between creating a Facebook fundraiser directly through Facebook and integrating your personal fundraising page to your Facebook. There’s actually a pretty big difference in the transactions and processes, depending on the steps you take to fundraise on Facebook.

What is an integrated Facebook fundraiser?

An integrated Facebook fundraiser means that someone who is registered for a Roswell Park Alliance Foundation event or program (Team Roswell, Bald for Bucks, Empire State Ride or Ride for Roswell) has connected their fundraising dashboard to their personal Facebook page.

In just a few clicks from the fundraising dashboard, participants can create an integrated Facebook fundraising page where they can post updates, invite friends, build momentum and reach their goal faster. Facebook friends will be notified of the fundraiser and will be able to read the participant’s story, watch their progress and donate — all without ever leaving Facebook. The participant’s personal progress will update in real time and be reflected on their fundraising dashboard.

A key difference between integrated and organic Facebook fundraisers is the payment processor. When a donation is made to an integrated Facebook fundraiser, that donation is made directly to the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation. That is what will appear on a donor’s transaction statement.

If a mistake was made during the donation process or a donor has a question about their donation, they can contact the Alliance Foundation directly at 716-845-8788 or at

What is an organic Facebook fundraiser?

An organic Facebook fundraiser is a fundraising page that was created inside of Facebook, and it is not connected to an event participant’s fundraising dashboard. Several supporters create organic Facebook fundraisers for their birthday, to honor a loved one or to collect donations without being registered for an event.

Any donations made to an organic Facebook fundraiser are processed by Facebook. If a donor makes a mistake or has an issue with the donation, they must contact Facebook directly and not the Alliance Foundation. Donors can do so by following this link and completing the form.

The Roswell Park Alliance Foundation receives the funds from organic Facebook fundraisers every 2-3 weeks in the form of a check sent directly from Facebook. The donations in each check are from the transactions that occurred 4-6 weeks prior. For example, when the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation receives a donation check from Facebook on the 4th of the current month, the donations included are from the 1st-15th of the previous month.

What should I do if I created an organic Facebook fundraiser but want the fundraising dollars to be put onto my Roswell Park Alliance Foundation event fundraising page?

No problem! Just give us a call at 716-845-8788 or shoot us an email to

As mentioned above, the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation receives checks from Facebook every 4-6 weeks. These checks are bi-weekly payouts for the month prior. For example, if you received a donation on January 10 that needs to be uploaded to your fundraising page, the Alliance Foundation should receive that donation and upload it to your page by the end of February.

If you realize that you created an organic Facebook fundraiser and there is still plenty of time before your event date, please contact us. We will assist you in deleting your organic Facebook fundraiser and take you through the steps to create an integrated Facebook fundraiser.

When you call us, please let us know your Facebook first and last name, donor names, donation dates and donation total. We will ask you to provide this specific information for tracking purposes. Additionally, please let us know if any donations were made through a Facebook donate button.

It is important that you notify the Alliance Foundation if you made this mistake. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know about the organic Facebook fundraiser unless we are notified. Otherwise, we will assume that your organic Facebook fundraiser was meant to be set up that way.

Please note that any donations made on an organic Facebook fundraising page will be uploaded to a participant’s fundraising page as a lump sum.

Why does it matter if I create an integrated Facebook fundraiser versus an organic Facebook fundraiser, and vice-versa?

It depends on what your fundraising goals are for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation. The Ride for Roswell, Bald for Bucks and Empire State Ride each have fundraising minimums and/or reward structures. It is important for the Alliance Foundation to know what rewards you earned from your fundraising and if you have reached the designated fundraising minimums. Additionally, by notifying the Alliance Foundation ahead of your event, we will be able to upload your organic Facebook fundraiser donations to your event fundraising dashboard, once we receive the payout from Facebook.

Not registered for an event? Setting up an organic Facebook fundraiser for your birthday or to honor a loved one is a great way to fundraise for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation.

We can’t thank you enough for supporting Roswell Park!

Get the new Team Roswell Fundraising App

Fundraising for Team Roswell just got a little bit easier with our official Team Roswell Fundraising App!

There are so many cool features that allow you to quickly and efficiently access your fundraising dashboard and communicate with donors. With this new app, you can:

  • Monitor your fundraising progress
  • Share your page using social media and text message
  • View and manage your donations
  • Update your page with a personalized story and photo
  • Connect with Facebook and start a Facebook fundraiser
  • Send emails easily by importing your contacts list with just one click

Want to see a tutorial of all these features? Keep scrolling!

The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. It’s easy to get started – here’s how:

  • Visit either the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Download Team Roswell Fundraising App
  • Once download is complete, log in with your username and password you used at registration


Team Roswell Fundraising App Capabilities

So what can you do with the Team Roswell Fundraising app? A lot! There’s so much to explore and utilize, including your fundraising progress, thanking donors and more. Take a tour of the app below to help your fundraising even more!

Monitor Your Fundraising Progress

The very first thing you see when you launch the app is your fundraising progress. Here, you can keep track of how close you are to meeting (and exceeding!) your goal. You can also update your goal directly through the app. Click Edit next to your goal on the right hand side of your progress wheel.

Share Your Page

Now that you’ve made the commitment, it’s time to spread the word about your fundraising and bring in those donations. The Team Roswell Fundraising app makes it incredibly easy to share your fundraiser on social media and text message. You can share your fundraising from three different pages:

  • Home (right under your fundraising progress)
  • Donors
  • Page (under your link)

View and Manage Your Donations

Keep track of your donations all under the Donors tab. You can see who’s donated to your efforts and how much they gave. You’ll be able to thank them right through the app, too.

Additionally, you can opt to be notified via email when you receive a donation! This is a great option to make sure you never miss a chance to say thank you to a donor.

Update Your Personalized Page

Say goodbye to changing your image and story only on a desktop or laptop. Now, you can do both right through the app! To change your image, you can upload a picture directly from your camera roll or a take a picture using the app. Don’t forget to update your story, too! Showcasing why joining Team Roswell matters to you will help donors understand how important this cause is to you.

Once you’re information is all updated, you can customize your fundraising link and view your page.

Integrate with Facebook to start a Facebook Fundraiser

If you haven’t connected your fundraiser to Facebook, do not worry! Now, you’re able to integrate with Facebook through the app. Head to the home screen and scroll down to the “Fundraise on Facebook” section. Follow the prompts and voilà – another touch point for donations! Your online fundraising dashboard will now be integrated with Facebook and you’ll be able to receive donations through the social media platform.

If you’ve already connected your fundraiser to Facebook, this section will reflect that!

Send Emails Easily to Your Contacts

Have contacts in your phone you’d like to email about the your fundraising? The app automatically syncs with your address book. Whether you’re asking for donations or thanking donors, go over to the Email tab to send updates to your contacts.

The Team Roswell Fundraising app makes it easy for you to meet and exceed your fundraising goals. Download it today to get started! If you have questions, please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 716-845-8788.

Two Ways to Support Roswell Park on Giving Tuesday

It’s the season of giving! Inspire others and give back this Giving Tuesday by joining Team Roswell.

Get social and create a Facebook fundraiser or use the Instagram Donation Sticker to make an impact on this global day of giving.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Starting a fundraiser on Facebook is a quick and easy way to support the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation in just a few easy steps.

This year, Facebook will be matching up to $7 million in donations made on Facebook on Giving Tuesday, helping you and the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation make an even greater impact in the fight against cancer!

Use the Instagram Donation Sticker

Another great way to support the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation on Giving Tuesday is through Instagram. With the new donation sticker on Instagram Stories, you can support patients at Roswell Park! Here’s how to do it:

  • Save this picture and upload the image into Instagram Stories from your camera roll.









  • Click on the sticker icon and the select donation sticker

  • Search or select the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation to insert it

  • Paste your donation sticker within the box and add to your story

  • Watch the donations roll in!

Let’s make this Giving Tuesday the most impactful day for the patients at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center!

Support the Courage of Carly Fund with Team Roswell

Did you know when you fundraise with Team Roswell, you have the choice to support a specific area that means something to you? One of the areas you can choose to support is the Courage of Carly Fund. By designating your fundraising efforts to support this cause, you are making a difference in the lives of children with cancer and blood disorders at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

How You Can Help

Set up your fundraising page today! Whether you are running a 5k, hosting a lemonade stand or collecting donations to honor a loved one, you can turn your passions, hobbies and special moments into funding for the next lifesaving pediatric cancer treatments. During registration, you can designate your fundraising dollars to pediatric cancer research and patient care programs by selecting “Courage of Carly Fund” from the menu.

See below for an example from our quick and easy registration process:

Click here to set up your fundraising page today!

Carly’s Story

When 8-year-old Carly Collard Cottone was diagnosed with brain cancer, she knew she could make a difference. She was up against something tough, but it was a challenge she faced with courage and optimism.

Carly was so appreciative of the support she received from others while in treatment that she wanted to give back to help other kids like her. So she started Carly’s Club at Roswell Park.

Although Carly was only on this earth a short time, her legacy continues today, giving children facing cancer and blood disorders a fighting chance today through the Courage of Carly Fund at Roswell Park. Providing everything from unforgettable memories and family events to financial support, donations and fundraising efforts allow the Courage of Carly Fund to offer hope and a little bit of extra happiness to children, teens and their families.

Click here to learn more about the Courage of Carly Fund.

Get Ready for the Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. 5k Run

Looking to participate in a run/walk for a great cause this summer? Then look no further than the Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. 5k Run / 1-Mile Walk! This event is taking place on Sunday, June 2 at Delaware Park and being hosted by Erica Burzynski and Holly Saari of Foundation 228. Proceeds will benefit lung cancer research initiatives at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Our team at Team Roswell was able to talk to both Erica and Holly about the inspiration behind this event and what participants can expect. Here is what they had to say.

Q: What is the inspiration behind this event?

E: Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. 5k Run / 1-Mile Walk this June is the first-ever event for Foundation 228 and we are very excited to have it in our hometown of Buffalo, New York!  Time, talent and local businesses will be tapped to help execute the event, keeping Buffalo at the epicenter of everything we do – where we have nothing but #BuffaLove. We are actively inquiring and pursuing opportunities to help fund in Buffalo and Western New York (and beyond!) that are focused on dedicated lung cancer research.

It is also a day we will forever celebrate our mother’s life, this year being particularly special as it’s our first full year without her. Her love for any city and nature, and taking walks to explore, make Delaware Park Rose Garden and Hoyt Lake a destination fitting for such an event!

How has cancer affected you?

E: I’ve known cancer all my life. I’ve seen family members and friends be diagnosed and live, or lose, but I never understood what it really felt like to lose someone (my mom) and something (our bond) I loved so much until June 2, 2018. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to say goodbye to a parent – someone who loves you unconditionally and is there for all the ups and downs in life. All your firsts you take together, and then as an adult child you are left with a new set of ‘firsts” without the one person you want to share them all with and it’s maddening. I can’t even articulate in words how painful it is to say good bye, but what’s even harder is having to watch someone you love slip away day after day in front of your eyes. And in my mom’s case, as it was lung cancer, it literally took her breath away and I can still hear her whisper ‘Erica Help Me,’ as she struggled to breathe and fear darted out of her eyes and into mine, crushing my heart. I was helpless – not able to offer any comfort constantly pleading and begging doctors for more pain medication with no hope in sight for a medication that might work.

H: Our family is no stranger to cancer.  We’ve had family members and friends suffer from cancer, but when you watch the woman who brought you into this world, struggling to live her life, struggling to breathe, struggling to eat, it becomes a mission to find a cure, to make people aware and be an advocate for them. I hope that one day cancer is something we talk about only in textbooks.

Q: Can you describe your mother? What’s your favorite memory of her?

E: In my eyes, my mom is the epitome of grace, beauty (inside and out), class and warrior-like strength. She was our cheerleader and confidant, but always my mother first and then my friend, which I can appreciate so much more as an adult. She always put my needs before her own, as mothers often do, and taught me how to be humble and proud of my Polish heritage. She sacrificed in order to give me/us our best life. My favorite memory of her would have to be the night before Thanksgiving. We would come home from being out and she would be joyfully baking the pies for Thanksgiving and then Thanksgiving mornings getting the bird in the oven and the rest of us staying out of her way as she finished dinner! We loved to shop – often finding the best deals – and my favorite memory was the moment I put on my senior prom dress at Lord & Taylor – her smile was priceless.

H: My mom was a smart, beautiful, independent, supportive person in all aspects of our lives.  She loved her family and her grandchildren with everything she had to give.  She’d chat for hours with my children while they went about life and this was before FaceTime; our mom just wanted us to be happy.  Don’t get me wrong, we certainly had our disagreements, but we always loved each other enough (like the I Wish You Enough poem by Bob Perks)!  I have so many memories of our mom, but my favorite memories include coming home to Buffalo with my boys from California during the summer.   They were still little and we’d spend a couple of weeks at my parents. They’d fish, and color and just be around my mom and dad.  My mom was in her element, just loving on my boys.  I’m so lucky to have those memories to treasure forever.  I hope it made up for us living so far away most of the year.  It’s just a bit of a different world, that you don’t fully understand until you’re in the midst of it.  She just loved her grandsons.

Why did you decide to do a 5k?

H: For the last several years I’ve found comfort in running, it clears my mind and also keeps me healthy.  When we found out that our mom had cancer, I ran many long miles both on a treadmill and trails as my therapy to help me cope with the road ahead.  I was drawn to Delaware Park and Hoyt Lake during my visits to Buffalo and especially during our mother’s illness. It just felt like a natural event to keep our mother’s spirit alive, while bringing people together to enjoy the lake and the beauty and celebrate our mom.

E: I love to run, it keeps you moving and makes you feel alive! It pushes your limits! 5ks and walks help build community, is exercise/healthy, and helps you build your lung capacity.

What are you most looking forward to?

E: Raising our first one million dollars and contributing to the cure for lung cancer. It would be brilliant if the research we are able to fund helps find a cure for all cancers!

H: I’m looking forward to creating awareness, and funding research so that more families do not have to relive the same horrors that we experienced while our mom fought for her life.  I want white/pearls to be just as important as pink.  I’m looking forward to keeping our mother’s spirit alive through different events to raise money for lung cancer research and awareness.  We’ve only just begun, I know there are so many opportunities just waiting for us, and I can’t wait to just make it all happen with my sister and our families/friends.

Participants can choose to participate in the 5k run, one mile walk, or a virtual run on Sunday, June 2. Hotel Henry will generously donate $1 to Foundation 228 for each beverage ordered on race-day with a race bib. Event day parking has been reserved first come, first serve, at the Buffalo History Museum.

Registration is $30 (registration increases to $35 after May 25) – sign up today!

How to Start a Facebook Fundraiser for Team Roswell

Whether you are celebrating your birthday or honoring a loved one, it is easier than ever to turn your passions, hobbies and special moments into funding for the next lifesaving cancer treatments.

Become a champion for cancer cures in just a few steps by creating a fundraiser on Facebook to support Team Roswell and the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation. Click here to set up your fundraiser on Facebook or follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your personal Facebook page
  2. Under Explore, click Fundraisers on the menu left of your newsfeed
  3. You will be brought to Facebook’s fundraising homepage. Click Raise Money
  4. You will be asked who you are raising money for. Click Nonprofit
  5. Under Select Nonprofit, search for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation
  6. Fill in the fundraiser details. Make sure to set your goal and pick an end date for your fundraiser. Click Next
  7. Give your fundraiser a title and tell your Facebook friends why you are raising money for cancer research and patient-care programs at Roswell Park. Click Next
  8. Pick a cover photo. Either pick from the suggested photos or upload your own. Click Create
  9. Your fundraiser will now be publicly posted on Facebook!

And that’s it! Now that your fundraiser is set up, invite your friends and family to support your efforts and share the link with possible donors.


52 Races in 52 Weeks

One Woman’s Race to Raise Funds for Roswell Park

Personal trainer and massage therapist Stephanie Latawiec had always been close to her grandmother Theresa.

“She was the kind of woman who had a zest for life like no other person I have ever met,” she says.

“I could never properly pronounce her name as a child, so she became T.T. 
to my brother and me. Even as a kid,
I remember her always going away on exotic trips overseas and traveling the world. You would find her in her sunroom practicing yoga, socializing with friends and just living the life.”

In the fall of 2016, T.T. developed glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. Stephanie moved in with her to help out during this difficult time.
That meant she also witnessed her grandmother’s battle up close. T.T. had multiple surgeries, two brain biopsies, gamma knife treatments and a host of other tests.

In November 2017, just days after her 80th birthday, T.T. lost her fight with
 this disease. Stephanie wanted to do something meaningful as a tribute to her grandmother and to support other brain cancer patients. That’s how she came up with 52 races in 52 weeks to raise funds for brain cancer research at Roswell Park. “I decided to continue her story since she no longer could,” she says.

stephanie-latawiec-donor-dollars-september-07-2018-4Stephanie began her races in January 2018 with the goal of raising $10,000 over the coming year. But before she started, she connected with Team Roswell.

Team Roswell provides support to community members holding their own fundraisers to benefit Roswell Park. The staff was there every step of the way, giving Stephanie fundraising guidance and lots of swag for her events, like including balloons, fliers, banners, giveaways and a special jersey to wear during her races.

When she surpassed her goal in July, Stephanie raised it to $15,000. She credits social media with spreading the word and catching the attention of local news stations. The new Facebook fundraising integration in particular really helped. It’s a great tool that connects her Team Roswell fundraising page with Facebook so supporters can donate to her fundraiser without ever leaving Facebook.

In addition to participating in organized athletic events (like The Ride For Roswell and the Empire State Ride), she has also leveraged community events to her advantage, like a pallet board art project with Buffalo Collective; a 50-50 raffle on a catamaran boat ride at Canalside; and fundraisers with LuLuLemon, Jada Blitz Fitness and Rebel Ride. Many of these businesses matched the participants’ donations. Then there are the surprises, like her friend’s kindergarten class selling cupcakes and another hosting her very own Bald for Bucks campaign — each bringing in more than $1,000.

What is the best thing about these races, according to Stephanie? Still, through and through, her first inspiration.

“Not only have I been able to showcase how wonderful Roswell is in terms of the care that they provide people for the community and those who are affected by cancer, but I really have had 
my own healing throughout this year after witnessing my grandmother’s journey. This year has showcased the positive of what happened with my grandmother by turning it into something else. She inspires me. I feel like she inspires other people. She’s the reason I’m doing what I’m doing.

“I hope my donations help create a better quality of life for patients and families who are affected with a brain cancer diagnosis. More importantly, I hope to be able to help fund the clinical trials that are currently underway 
at Roswell Park and find a cure for glioblastoma so that no one ever has to hear those dreaded words — ‘You have cancer’ — again.”

Follow Stephanie’s progress here.

The Fifth Annual Salsa for a Cure!

In collaboration with many local organizations, the Hispanic Heritage Council of WNY is excited to present Salsa for a Cure 2018! This fifth annual amateur dance competition will be held on Friday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Pucho Olivencia Community Center.

Since its inception in 2014, Salsa for a Cure has raised nearly $12,000 for Patient Care Services at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Roswell Park offers a wide range of services to help our patients learn more about cancer and ways to cope with the disease and treatment. These supportive patient care services include pet therapy programs, the bed side assistant program, pastoral care and spiritual support, the music and arts program in the lobby and more.

Tickets to the event are $25.00 in advance or $30.00 at the door. The event features an exciting dance competition, raffles, music and more! To register to compete in Salsa for a Cure or for more information please email Maritza, at Click here for event details and to purchase presale tickets.

The Hispanic Heritage Council would like to recognize the Pucho Olivencia Community Center, the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade of WNY Association, Baila Salsa Dance Company – Fanny and Calvin, Sarah Haykle and Jerome, USA Dance WNY Chapter, DJ V3rdgo, Sin Fronteras WNY Radio Show and Team Roswell, for their support in making Salsa for a Cure a success year after year.