What to tell your donors about where the funds go

Funds benefit Roswell Park, featured here with a fountain of water

Here's how to explain your impact to donors.

You’re planning a Team Roswell event or taking part in the Schools Against Cancer Spirit Week. That’s amazing! You have an incredible heart to join in on the mission to end cancer. Next up? Getting other people on board to support your fundraiser. One of the best ways to bring folks in is by letting them know the impact of their contributions.

Sadly, too many people have a personal connection to cancer, which can be really motivating to help fight it any way they can. Sometimes, though, potential donors might not have someone in their lives who has battled cancer or they may need more information to be sure their donation is going to be impactful and used responsibly. We’re here to help you get all the right information to your supporters.

Talking to Your Donors

Here’s what you can tell your supporters when they’re wondering what kind of difference they’re making with their donation. Follow the links for even more information about your impact!

When you support my fundraiser, you’re making a difference in the lives of cancer patients fighting right now AND patients who will be diagnosed years from now. Through groundbreaking cancer research and compassionate patient care programs, we’re able to impact patients with all types of cancer, coming from all backgrounds. You’re making that possible with me!

Dr. Holtan holds up a beaker to the light

Fueling Research

Supporting the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation through Team Roswell means you’re helping fuel lifesaving research at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center! For every dollar donated to cancer research, Roswell Park is now able to leverage an additional $23 from external grants toward that research. Through research grants, donors kickstart innovative research that might not be able to get off the ground otherwise.


Dr. Davila holds up a beaker to the light in his lab

Driving Clinical Trials

Cancer patients experience the hope of clinical trials every day at Roswell Park. Before new treatments can become widely available, researchers and clinicians have to prove they actually work and don’t cause any harm to patients. Through a rigorous, often years-long process, promising treatment options for all kinds of cancer types become FDA approved.

Dr. BRentjens in his lab looking through a microscope

Destination for Treatment

Patients from all over the U.S. and Canada come to Roswell Park for cancer treatment. One cutting-edge approach, called cellular therapy, uses a patient’s own re-engineered immune cells to fight their cancer. Some of the leading pioneers of cell therapy are here at Roswell Park, working tirelessly to apply this lifesaving treatment avenue to more cancer types. One key aspect of expanding cell therapy research, clinical trials and ultimately treatment options lies in the upcoming cell and gene therapy manufacturing facility coming to Roswell Park.

SBAC Grand Opening. Photo shows people laughing and cutting the opening ribbon.

Growing Patient Population

Cancer has, unfortunately, touched most families in one way or another. As we learn more about cancer and improve both education and detection, there has been an increase in the patient population at Roswell Park over the years. With an increased demand for care, donors have been instrumental in expanding facilities available for patients at Roswell Park. From a brand new satellite location in Amherst to dedicated space for an emerging field of treatment, Roswell Park supporters have stood with patients every step of the way.


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Comprehensive Care

Medical care is often centered when talking about cancer, but at Roswell Park, experts see just as much importance in mental, emotional and spiritual care. Caring for the whole patient is crucial to providing true comprehensive care. Donations make it possible to expand and enhance more than 50 Quality-of-Life Programs at Roswell Park, bringing opportunities to patients and families that range from survivorship programs to transportation and translation services to personalized salon experiences and many more.

Thank you for joining Team Roswell!

Your support goes further than you know! If your donors are interested in more specific areas of impact, please reach out so we can connect you with the resources you need to make the most of your Team Roswell fundraiser. Thank you for all your hard work!

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