Your fundraising toolkit.

Take your fundraiser to the next level with these handy tools.

You’ve set up your fundraising page, started your Facebook fundraiser or picked a date for your community event. Now what?

Share the stats.

Let everyone know where exactly where their donations are going.

Integrate with Facebook.

Already set up a fundraising dashboard through the Team Roswell homepage? Take your fundraising efforts to the next level by integrating your fundraiser with Facebook!

Make fundraising for Team Roswell easier than ever with a convenient app! Download the Good Move app for school-based fundraising or Team Roswell fundraising app for non-school fundraisers. These apps allow you to communicate with donors, monitor your progress, share your story and more!

Visit your participant center to learn more about which app is right for you or visit the blogs below.


GoodMove App information (coming soon!)

Take your social media game to the next level.

Let all your followers know that you’re raising money to end cancer with the graphics below or check out the social media guide.

A to Z fundraising ideas
Fundraising guide
Thank you social graphic
Social media story
You are a champion for cancer cures social graphic
Social media story
social graphic
Facebook cover
I am a champion for cancer cures donate to my fundraiser social graphic
Facebook cover
You are a champion for cancer cures social graphic
Social media story
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