Introducing the

Good Move App

Just joined Schools Against Cancer?

Take your fundraising to the next level with the Good Move™ app! This handy tool allows you to fundraise on your phone, track activity and create friendly competition with other event participants, all in one place.

Track your health, wellness and lifestyle activities during your Schools Against Cancer fundraiser, compete for awesome prizes, and fundraise to support cancer care and research at Roswell Park!

How to get started

Register for Schools Against Cancer.

From there, you’ll receive two emails. One is your confirmation email and the other is your invitation to join our event on the Good Move app!

Download the Good Move app and enter your one-time passcode from the email.

You’re in! From there, you can sync your fitness device to automatically log your activity — or manually enter them.

Get started by tracking activity for your school event and compete against others at your school to take the top of the leaderboard. Sync your tracking device, such as FitBit or Garmin, to seamlessly keep track of your activities. You earn points for every minute you spend doing the activity your school has chosen. You can also track your fundraising and ask for donations in your dashboard, making it easier than ever to give back to cancer care and research in Western New York!
How to use the app

The app is a great way to round out your fundraiser and make the experience fun for everyone. Choose an activity or theme for your school fundraiser and decide on a timeframe. Students or parents can download the app and log the time they’ve spent doing that activity, whether it’s over the course of a day or a month. Then, compete against others at your school to see who earns the most points for that activity. Every minute logged earns you one point in the app!

During the event, you can connect directly with peers for fundraising on your favorite platforms (SMS, social, workplace communication) and compete on an interactive leaderboard to help your school hit its goal.  Participants with the most points and those who fundraise the most will win prizes!

Good Move prizes

In case you needed one more reason to get started with Good Move, you can now win prizes in the app for doing what you’re already doing! Check it out:

Participants who raise at least $1,000 will earn a reward

Team Winners: Two people from your school will win exciting prizes for their fundraising efforts:

The individual with the highest total points (one minute of activity earns you one point)

The individual with highest total fundraising total

Event Winners: The team with the highest total fundraising at the end of the school year will also earn an exclusive reward, so rally your school to take the title!

Winners will be contacted by email and sent a link to select their prizes.

Activities you can log using Good Move!






Gym Workout







Lifestyle/Wellness Activity

Acts of Kindness

Craft Activity

Creative Arts


Mental Health

Met New Person

Mindful Breathing



Sustainability Activity

Donated Food

Farmer’s Market

Meatless Meal


Reduce Food Waste

Reduce Plastic


Competitive gaming is a fun and easy way to fundraise for a great cause. Plan a FIFA competition, Call of Duty marathon, virtual NBA tournament or any other virtual game. Participants can donate to participate and use the Good Move app to rack up points for time played. 

Hosting a virtual fundraising event can be an effective way to get yourself in front of a wide audience without the hassle of an in-person event. Choose a topic — be it cooking, fitness or improv comedy —and start livestreaming. Manage your fundraising efforts in the Good Move app for a seamless way to give back.


DIY Fundraising.

Art show? Trivia night? Team Roswell allows you to fundraise for a cause while doing the activities you love to do. Join a community of DIY-ers who are on a mission to end cancer.

Take your group fundraising to the next level by hosting a Bald for Bucks event! Sign up to shave, cut or style your friends’ hair while fundraising for a great cause.

Bald for Bucks.

Check out the blog below for inspiration on how to start fundraising using the Good Move app

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