How to Start a Facebook Fundraiser for Team Roswell

Whether you are celebrating your birthday or honoring a loved one, it is easier than ever to turn your passions, hobbies and special moments into funding for the next lifesaving cancer treatments.

Become a champion for cancer cures in just a few steps by creating a standalone organic fundraiser on Facebook to support Team Roswell and the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation. Click here to set up your fundraiser on Facebook or follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your personal Facebook page
  2. Under Explore, click Fundraisers on the menu left of your newsfeed
  3. You will be brought to Facebook’s fundraising homepage. Click Raise Money
  4. You will be asked who you are raising money for. Click Nonprofit
  5. Under Select Nonprofit, search for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation
  6. Fill in the fundraiser details. Make sure to set your goal and pick an end date for your fundraiser. Click Next
  7. Give your fundraiser a title and tell your Facebook friends why you are raising money for cancer research and patient-care programs at Roswell Park. Click Next
  8. Pick a cover photo. Either pick from the suggested photos or upload your own. Click Create
  9. Your fundraiser will now be publicly posted on Facebook!

And that’s it! Now that your fundraiser is set up, invite your friends and family to support your efforts and share the link with possible donors.