How Schools Against Cancer fosters leadership

Cheering children at a Schools Against Cancer event

Schools Against Cancer is changing lives — in more ways than one. For starters, the dollars raised support groundbreaking research and patient care programs at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center to help patients throughout their cancer journey. But that’s not all.

Getting your school involved in Schools Against Cancer leaves a lasting impact on the students involved, as well. Whether you’re hosting a DIY fundraiser, collecting donations on an online dashboard or holding a Bald for Bucks event, these types of community-driven activities exemplify what it means to come together to make a difference. Participants will walk away with not only an incredible sense of pride, but also intangible interpersonal skills they can carry with them for years to come.

Here are four ways Schools Against Cancer fosters leadership skills:

1. Event management

Schools Against Cancer can be as involved or simple as your school decides to make it. The program provides a rare opportunity for students to plan a class-wide, school-wide or even community-wide event. Everything from setting a date, booking speakers, outlining a run-of-show, arranging decorations and promoting the event can be a part of a several months-long project.

Starpoint High School's Locked-In to Lock Out Cancer event for Team Roswell.

2. Divvying up tasks based on others' skills

Every person has different, unique strengths. It takes a true leader to recognize that and provide a platform for others to utilize their gifts to the best of their ability. Schools Against Cancer can create an avenue for this by dividing up tasks based on the skills and interests of other students. For example, a student interested in photography may be able to take photos at a planned fundraising event, or they could even sell their pictures for the cause. Likewise, a peer who loves theater or public speaking may be the perfect candidate to host an assembly or tournament. The opportunities are endless depending on the group at hand.

Students hosting a Bald for Bucks event, which is an arm of Schools Against Cancer

3. Developing community relationships

Schools Against Cancer pushes students to step out of their comfort zones and engage with people who may not be in their immediate circle. In preparation for their fundraiser of choice, students are encouraged to connect with local business leaders in relevant fields to donate or help spread awareness. Networking and building relationships through Schools Against Cancer can benefit students personally and professionally. 

An added benefit: Schools Against Cancer can help students meet their community service requirements, and it looks great on college applications!

Shooting for A Cure event through Schools Against Cancer.

4. Rallying a group around a common mission

Above all else, at the heart of Schools Against Cancer is the mission to end cancer — and through this program, students really are leaving a lasting impact. The ability to unite people of all ages around a meaningful cause is invaluable not only to that student’s individual success, but also the success of our community.  

Students visiting Roswell Park through Schools Against Cancer.
Student getting a colored hair extension during a Bald for Bucks event through Schools Against Cancer.

Schools Against Cancer builds emerging leaders, with compassion and service at the forefront.

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