Your $1 donation turns into $23 in cancer research funding

There are many powerful ways to support Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s goal of freeing our world from the fear, pain and loss due to cancer. One of those ways is by participating in Team Roswell. The funds raised by Team Roswell participants and donors each year are put to work immediately, fueling cutting-edge cancer research and quality-of-life programs for cancer patients and their caregivers.

Roswell Park has the best and brightest researchers and doctors who have come from around the world to Buffalo, New York, to dedicate their life to studying and treating cancer. Donations to Roswell Park through Team Roswell enable breakthrough cancer discoveries and bring new treatments from the bench (lab) to the bedside (patients).

We’re proud to say that for every dollar donated to cancer research, Roswell Park is now able to leverage an additional $23 from external grants toward that research. This is thanks to the support of Team Roswell and the hard work of Roswell Park researchers.

Images shows researchers in a lab led by Dr. Mukherjee
Images shows researchers in a leukemia lab

How cancer research funding works

Cancer research requires a lot of work, resources and investment. With the great wealth of talent among Roswell Park’s researchers and scientists, there are a lot of promising ideas brewing. Many of these discoveries are only able to move forward with the support of donations.

Each year, Roswell Park scientists apply and compete for grants from the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation through the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC process is led by Drs. Mukund Seshadri and Kirsten Moysich, who select an internal objective group of peers to sit on the committee based on expertise and areas of research. Reviewers are asked to thoroughly evaluate and consider the scientific promise of each application. The most promising grant applications are awarded with donor-raised funds to allow scientists to continue their cancer research.

This seed money is used for researchers to obtain primary research data and, in turn, apply for larger national grants. The initiatives that receive support often lead to long-term funding from national organizations and new treatments.

Impact of fundraising at Roswell Park

Since 2011, the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, with funds from Team Roswell, has awarded over $16 million to researchers through the Scientific Advisory Committee through 245 grants to 146 scientists.

These grants have led to the publication of 167 papers, the start of at least 20 clinical trials based on homegrown science at Roswell Park and the investment of over $96 million in external grant funding.

That means that for every dollar donated to cancer research, Roswell Park receives an additional $23 in external funding for cancer research.

The dedication and commitment of riders, donors and volunteers is driving work in state-of-the-art labs that fuels discoveries that are changing the future of cancer.



You choose your impact

“It's not just an event, it is a memory. It is a movement. You are bringing together a community to do something amazing and grand that's going to help people all throughout Western New York."

- Jessica Kardashian, event coordinator

When you sign up for Team Roswell, you’re making a world of difference in the fight to end cancer. You’re blazing a trail for a cause that means a lot to you, which means fundraising on your terms, in a way that works best for you and resonates most.

Abbie McNett brings the Victory Bell with teddy bear in hand.
Sadie Garner rings the Victory Bell at Roswell Park.

Here’s a closer look at how you can designate your fundraising dollars:

1. Most Pressing Needs

By supporting Roswell Park’s most pressing needs, your fundraising dollars will be used to accelerate promising clinical trials in immunotherapy and cellular therapy treatments, one of our highest and most urgent priorities. You can support the latest treatment options for our patients and help them maintain the best possible quality of life. When you commit to Roswell Park’s most pressing needs, you’re dedicating your efforts toward the work our experts know will make the biggest impact.

2. Courage of Carly Fund

Cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease among children ages 1 to 14 in the United States, and only 4% of federal funding for cancer research goes toward understanding and fighting pediatric cancers. No child should have to experience a cancer or blood disorder diagnosis. With your help, they won’t be in this alone. You have the opportunity to support the Courage of Carly Fund, which gives every child facing cancer or a blood disorder at Roswell Park with compassionate care programs and the latest pediatric cancer research.

3. Breast Cancer Research

The support of generous donors like you allows us to stay on the cutting edge of breast cancer research and to provide compassionate care to all our patients. Your fundraising dollars will be used to launch investigations to unlock the secrets of breast cancer and accelerate promising clinical trials to bring about new treatments for breast cancer.

4. Lung Cancer Research

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women, and many people do not have symptoms in its early stages. Here at Roswell Park, donations allow us to pursue and advance research to prevent, detect and treat all kinds of lung cancers. Together, we can bring the latest treatment options to our patients and help them maintain the best possible quality of life through their fight.

5. Colorectal Cancer Research

Colorectal cancers, cancers in the colon and rectum, are among the most common cancers in the nation. Treatment demands expert experience across specialties: surgical, medical and radiation oncology, gastroenterology, nutrition, rehabilitation and more.

6. The Angel Fund

There are times when patients and their families experience extraordinary financial challenges when diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. The lack of financial resources to meet these challenges may prevent patients from receiving the treatment they require. Here at Roswell Park, donations allow us to help alleviate such challenges by assisting with these expenses through the Angel Fund.