Team Roswell: Fourth Quarter Lookback

Something incredible happens when a small group of committed people come together around a shared mission to end cancer. With sweat and dedication, small efforts often blossom over time. Nothing highlights that better than the examples below.

Each of these events started with a common goal to make an impact in the fight against cancer. Thanks to the commitment and hard work of each event coordinator, each event raised more than $10,000 for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

1. Bridget's Battle Band Jam

On November 28, event coordinator Tom Schuh hosted a battle-of-the-bands at Buffalo RiverWorks to benefit the Angel Fund at Roswell Park. The event raised $10,000 and honored Tom’s wife, Bridget, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and passed away in 2014. The event has been ongoing since 2010. Read more.

2. Strength, Tone and Stretch Class

On October 26, the team at Buffalo Rehab Group came together to host a fitness class that raised $10,020 for breast cancer research at Roswell Park. Lead by Stephanie Loveless, participants gathered at Powerhouse Buffalo to move through the motions as they stretched, strengthened and toned their way to cancer cures.

3. F Melanoma Golf Tournament

On October 1, event organizer James Skelton and fellow golfers teed up to drive out melanoma at the Chestnut Hill Country Club. The inaugural golf tournament raised $10,865.43 for the melanoma research at Roswell Park. Melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer that develops in the pigment-making cells that give skin its color.

4. Holiday Hockey Showcase

On November 23, the Buffalo Professional Firefighters Local hosted a hockey tournament that raised $11,060 for Roswell Park! Community members gathered together on Thanksgiving Eve for a fun-filled night of hockey, music and vendors. Games were played by members of The 11 Day Power Play, the Buffalo Fire Department and the Buffalo Police Department.

5. Karen Kovach Basket Raffle

On November 3, Paul Kovach hosted a basket raffle at St. Benedict’s School in Eggertsville to raise money for breast cancer research at Roswell Park. The event honored Karen Kovach, who lost her 16-year battle with breast cancer in 2021. The event raised $12,200 for the cause.

6. Lindsay's Legacy 5K

On November 12, a group of runners gathered at the Eldredge Country Club for a 5K race around the City of Tonawanda to raise funds for the Courage of Carly Fund. The event, hosted by Frank Mariani and team, raised $15,500 for children faced with cancer and blood disorders. Now in its 16th year, Lindsay’s Legacy 5K honors Lindsay MacIver, who lost her battle with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma in 2004, at age 21. Rhabdomyosarcoma is a cancer of muscle, tendon, cartilage or bone.

7. Traphagen's Trail Ride 4 Brain Cancer

On October 15, Shannon Traphagen and her team hosted the second annual Traphagen’s Trail Ride for brain cancer research at Roswell Park. The charity bike ride in Hamburg, NY, raised $22,680 for the cause! Shannon Traphagen began the event in 2021 to fight back against brain cancer following the loss of her husband. Read more or listen to Shannon’s podcast.

These are just a few of the hundreds of unique fundraising events you can host to support cancer patients at Roswell Park. Every event makes an impact.

Have you tried something different that you love and want to share?