Six fundraising tips for students at every age

Two boys high five at a sporting game

Written by Molly Duffett, Senior at Nichols High School

Are you a student looking to help a great cause? Do you need help hitting your fundraising goal? No matter what age you are, you can be a great fundraiser for Team Roswell.


There are so many different ways to fundraise, but here are some ideas if you get stuck.

💡Use Social Media

Social media will be your best friend! It is a great way to reach a large audience quickly. You can create Facebook fundraisers and use donation stickers on Instagram to get people that follow you involved.

💡 Reach out to clubs at your school

There are a ton of clubs throughout high school and college campuses. Reach out to a club and see if they would be interested in partnering with you for a fundraising event. It's a great way for them to promote their club and for you to promote Team Roswell and get donations.

💡Run a charity game

Running a charity football game, basketball game, hockey game, etc. is another way to fundraise. Teams are always looking for ways to support the community, and joining Team Roswell is an incredible way to advance cancer care and research right here in Western New York. You can ask for donations at the door or add some fun games to the night where proceeds will benefit Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Making a difference in your community can happen at any age. Here are some tips for younger students looking to fundraise for Team Roswell!

💡 Host a bake sale

Bake sales are another way to get a ton of people involved in supporting Team Roswell. You can ask your friends, teachers, and classmates to donate baked goods for a bake sale or you can host a baking extravaganza yourself! Run the bake sale throughout the day and get all different grade levels and students involved. Put up posters and spread the word beforehand so people know what to expect.

💡 Run a bottle drive

Bottle drives are an easy way to boost your donations. Ask to set up bins throughout your school for students to put bottles in. This can be a year-long fundraiser or just for a few weeks; it's totally up to you! Make sure to spread the word about the fundraiser so people remember to bring in their bottles.

💡 Start a coin war

Coin wars are an amazing way to get everyone at your school involved. Create a bin for each grade level and make it a competition to see which grade has the most points based on the number and type of coins. Spice it up by adding this rule: Coins count as positive points and dollars count as negative points. Students can add dollars to the bins of other grade levels to decrease their points. This adds a fun sense of competition, and is a great way to get your whole school involved!

If you try any of these fundraising tips, make sure to share your updates on social media by tagging @roswellparkalliance . We would love to see how your fundraising is going!

That’s it! Follow these easy tips and get started today!

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