Fundraising made easy with Good Move™

GoodMove app for Schools Against Cancer

So, you’ve downloaded the Good Move™ app, and now you’re wondering how to get your fundraising started. We’ve got you covered!

Schools Against Cancer, a Team Roswell program, empowers you to leverage your unique talents and passions for the cancer cause alongside your classmates and school community. Whether you’re volunteering, reading, competing in eSports or anything in between, Good Move can simplify your fundraising and help you make an even bigger impact. You can choose one activity or do a combination of many throughout the duration of your fundraiser.

All you need to be successful with Good Move is time: a lot or a little, whatever makes sense to you! Every minute logged earns you one point in the app.

The opportunities are endless. Check out these categories for inspiration.

Athletic Activity

Get moving with Good Move! If you love a certain sport or activity, use that as fuel for your fundraiser. Sports can be a natural way to engage your classmates or community members in friendly competition. Challenge your fellow classmates to play in a game during a set time, or see who can log the most minutes practicing or training in the sport you’ve selected.

Ex. “I’m committing to walking my dogs 10 hours over the next 10 days to raise money for cancer research. Support my fundraiser by donating $X for each minute spent walking.”

Ex. “My classmates and I are competing in an all-day basketball tournament. We’re asking for $X per minute played! Can we count on your support?”  

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Dancing
  • E-Sports
  • Football
  • Gym Workout
  • Hockey
  • Kickball
  • Running
  • Volleyball
  • Walking
  • Yoga

Lifestyle/Wellness Activity

Make a difference in two ways — by raising funds for cancer research and organizing your feel-good event or activity. Commit to a good deed or wellness activity and collect pledges from people in your circle: family, friends, teachers and peers!

Ex. “I’m committing to reading 100 hours this year to raise money for cancer research. Support my fundraiser by donating $X for each minute spent reading.”

Ex. “I’m committing to doing something good for my mental health five days a week for the next month in an effort to raise funds for cancer research. You can support my fundraiser by donating $X per each mental health activity I complete. You can follow my progress on the Good Move app!”

  • Acts of Kindness
  • Craft Activity
  • Creative Arts
  •  Meet New Person
  • Mental Health (Mindful Breathing, Meditation, etc.)
  • Reading
  • Volunteering

Sustainability Activity

Small, daily habits can make our world a better and more sustainable place. Now, you can take action that helps the planet and allows you to play a role in the fight to end cancer.

Ex. “I’m committing to preparing a meatless meal five times a week for the next month to raise money for cancer research. Will you support my efforts with a $X donation per meal?”

  • Donating Food
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Meatless Meals
  • Recycle
  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Reduce Plastic

Have questions? Reach out to the Schools Against Cancer program coordinator Brianna Athans to get started!