How to Integrate Your Fundraiser with Facebook

Facebook login screen on a phone

Already set up a fundraising dashboard through the Team Roswell homepage? Take your fundraising efforts to the next level by integrating with Facebook. Connecting your fundraiser with Facebook helps you stay organized and makes it easier than ever to ask for donations.

(If you’re just looking to set up a standalone organic Facebook fundraiser without using a dashboard on our website, click here.)

Here's how to connect your fundraiser to Facebook.

1. Open two web browsers. Log in to Facebook on one tab and the Team Roswell website on another tab.

2. On the Team Roswell homepage, log in to your fundraising dashboard by clicking the “log in” button at the top corner.

3. Locate the blue box that says, “Raise Money Directly on Facebook.” In that box, click, “Edit Fundraiser Content.”



  • If mobile doesn’t work for you, try connecting on a desktop and make sure that pop-ups are not blocked in your browser.
  • Edit your Facebook content, including your title and story, before connecting to Facebook.
  • When you’re ready, click “Save and Connect Fundraiser to Facebook.”

4. After being redirected to Facebook, follow the prompts to connect.

TIP: If you’ve used Facebook fundraising for Team Roswell before, you will not receive any pop-ups. Instead, you’ll receive a notification on Facebook saying your fundraiser is live. On your fundraising dashboard, the blue box button will change to say, “Go to Facebook Fundraiser.”


5. Promote your fundraiser on Facebook by sharing or inviting people to your fundraiser to start receiving donations!

This tool will allow you to spread the word about your fundraiser, engage directly with donors and reach more people than you ever thought possible.